Weddding Strategies and Advice for the Perfect Wedding

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7 Wedding Planning Strategies

1. Prepare A Checklist

The first step in wedding planning is to prepare a checklist and this should include drawing out
a seating plan for the wedding reception so you'll have an idea of where you want certain people
to sit during the reception. You can download a wedding checklist template to the computer if
want a simpler method of writing out the checklist but if you still want to write it yourself, here
is what you should do. Six months before your wedding take care of the most important aspects
of your wedding and this includes setting a budget and preparing the checklist. Get your list of
bridesmaids together during this time and you should look for your dress and the bridesmaids'
dresses ahead of time so that you'll have time to get alterations made or exchange the dress.
Four months before the wedding you should send out the invitations, book venues for the
wedding and honeymoon, and get your passport if the honeymoon is overseas. During the last
three months of the wedding you should book your caterer, florist, photographer and DJ for the
wedding and reception and you need to order the wedding cake. The groom and groomsmen
should already have their tuxedos purchased and the rings need to be purchased. Also apply for
the marriage license and meet with your minister for premarital counseling. In the final days,
relax and hang out with loved ones.

2. About The Wedding Colors

Your choice of wedding colors depends on you and your fiance's personal tastes and the theme of the
wedding. For example, if you are planning a Roaring Twenties themed wedding, you're likely to include
black and white as a color scheme since those colors are on piano keys and the piano is part of jazz,
which was popular in the 20s. Or if you have a hippie 60s theme for the wedding, you would use bold
colors such as magenta, bright yellow, purple, and green as well as some earth tones to balance the
bold colors such as brown, gray and beige. If the wedding is during the summer, stick with colors of
that season such as lavender, powder blue, pastel pink, or a light aqua. You may decide to choose a color
in memory of a loved one. If your father always wore royal blue or silver ties to work, these could be used
in the wedding.

3. Create The Guest List

You don't need to invite everyone you know to your wedding; you should only invite those
that are the closest to you and who had the most influence in your life. Aside from your
extended relatives, you can also invite your longtime friends from high school who you
kept in touch with over the years or you may invite the teacher who inspired you to enter the
career you're in now. You should also draw out a table where you can get an idea of where you want
everyone to sit at the reception. Make sure that both families will have an equal amount of guests
who can attend your wedding, and since some of the guests you invite may not attend, have a second
list of potential guests. If there are people in your life who you do not get along very well with
and who are family members, it is okay to not invite them. Once you prepare the guest list, you should
mail out the invitations at least three to four months before the wedding.

4. Gather Your Bridal Party

Now that you prepared the guest list, it's time to gather the people you and your fiance will
choose to be part of the bridal party. Be mindful of the personalities of the people you're
thinking about choosing and you want to choose people who are going to be reliable and
agreeable for the most part since there will be conflict between you and them at times. You
also don't need to have a large bridal party because this adds stress to wedding planning.
Start by inviting your relatives first and then inviting close friends to join the bridal party.
The matron of honor would be a married woman who is close to you while the maid of
honor is a single woman who is considered the top bridesmaid in the bridal party. Much of
the assistance will come from her or the matron of honor. The groom would choose the
“best man” as his his top assistant among the groomsmen and generally this is a brother,
cousin or best friend. Also choose your flower girl and ringbearer, which is usually a boy.

5. Talk With Your Pastor or Officiant

If you and your fiance hold to religious beliefs, you would meet at your church with the pastor
to have premarital counseling and to set a date for the wedding. Your pastor may also discuss the
marriage license and he'll probably ask you if there will be a rehearsal just before the
wedding. Find out if it will be okay to have decorations in the church during the wedding. If
you're not having a religious ceremony, you would need to locate a licensed wedding
officiant and meet with him to discuss the date for your wedding as well as other details.
Once you do this you should seek a place for the reception and you want to tour the place to see if
it can hold the number of guests who are coming to the reception. There should also be
adequate room for the caterer and DJ to set up their equipment.

6. Choose Your Suppliers

Choosing a good wedding cake supplier is important in planning the wedding and here are
some tips. You should sample different cake flavors to determine which kind of cake you want for
the wedding. Ask how long the baker has been in business and also look at his portfolio
to get an idea of how beautiful the cakes would look at the wedding. When choosing the
photographer, look at his past photos and ask about his pricing options. If you want to have a DJ
at your wedding, meet with different Djs and check out their performances. Ask which types
of music they specialize in and how much they charge per hour. As for picking the right
florist, you should meet with him to talk about the kinds of flowers you want for the wedding and
mention the wedding theme since many florists can provide flowers that are in line with the theme.

7. Now...Time To Focus On The Dress

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, choose quality over price and these days you don't have
to worry about the price because there are several bridal boutiques that sell bridal gowns at decent prices.
You want to consider the different types of dresses available and determine which one suits your figure
in a flattering way. The ball gown is lengthy and has a full skirt at the end while the empire waist dress
has a high waistline and it looks slim near the bottom. There is the traditional A line dress and the mermaid
dress accentuates much of your body. Spend a day at the bridal shop and try on different dresses and consider
your budget. The dress should not only look beautiful but it should feel comfortable on the body. When going to
the bridal shop also take photos of dresses you like so the salesperson can find a few that resemble the dresses
in the photos.

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